Panther srl is a proud member of Sedex (, home to one of the most important collaborative platforms for buyers, suppliers and auditors with the mission to store, share and report on information quickly and easily. Thanks to SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) Panther srl and its supply chain have been certified since several years on its performance around labour rights, health & safety, environment and business ethics.

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Ethical code

The ethical code adopted by panther represents the "charter of fundamental rights and duties" which clarifies the ethical and social responsibilities towards shareholders, employees, collaborators, suppliers, public bodies and customers.

Panther complies with the ethical principles of SEDEX® which is the largest platform in Europe for collecting and processing data on the ethical behaviour of supply chains and internal relations. Panther intends to enhance the people and organizations involved in its business through the values of respect and trust. Panther meets the highest European ISO 9001 certification standards since 1998, has obtained the CSA certification for the Canadian market, ASTM for the U.S.A. and the German regulation DGUV 112-191.


Environmental protection has been among Panther's priorities for many years. Starting from the choice of the energy supplier to the insulation of the factory without neglecting production where the choice of materials used and the implementation of the DESMA injection machine allows midsoles to be made with waste material, reducing the impact on the environment PU waste.

Finally, the raw materials are purchased from companies certified according to current European regulations, and compliant with REACH CE 1907/2006, according to which certain chemical agents must not be used in the processing of the materials used.

lean system

The Lean thinking adopted in Panther aims to reduce waste to create excellent standardized processes at low cost through the active involvement of people. This system has been adapted to all sectors and all company areas. Research obsessive waste (MUDA) and empowerment of corporate resources to create added value, for continuous improvement. Starting from the analysis of the warehouses and intervening subsequently on production processes. The use of tools and was introduced evaluation indexes, and a clear training plan for all staff

Reduce waste to create excellent standardized processes at low cost through the active involvement of people.


All companies that collaborate with Panther comply with current European regulations and the ethic code. Each production phase takes place under the supervision of Panther's specialized technical representatives. Selected suppliers include Italian brands such as BASF, TEXON, WIND TEX, PREALPINA, EUROSUOLE, MONTECNO.