For more than 40 years we have been producing shoes to protect feet as fully as possible. We care about securing them not only from hazards due to possible accidents, but also from the wear and tear that inevitably work exerts on them and our bodies.

Giovanni Cilenti - Chief Executive Officer



The study, design, injection and testing are carried out at the Bovolenta (PD) headquarters. The new DESMA 24-station machine allows the reuse of granulated PU waste material for the injection of soles, thus reducing waste material for the benefit of the environment.

In the 2 production sites of PANTHER ALBANIA sh.p.k in Vallona and Burrel we produce the uppers. Each production phase takes place under the supervision of internal specialized technical representatives.

Allows us to obtain soles with recycled material with particular attention to the environment by producing less waste material

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Worldwide distribution