In order to keep your shoes looking good and make them last longer, it’s important that you look after them. Below are some tips that will help them last longer!

1. New shoes need to be brushed, polished and impregnated before use. The shoes have only been buffed before leaving the factory:

  • Start by brushing your shoes using a shoe brush.
  • Apply either a neutral shoe polish or one that matches the colour of your shoes. Apply a thin, even coating and use a cloth, brush or even a nylon stocking to distribute the polish evenly. Take time to really work the polish into the leather.
  • Brush your shoes again.
  • Don’t use shoe polish if your shoes contain suede or nubuck, just use a suede brush.
  • Impregnate your shoes using an impregnating spray, or an impregnating cream for leather shoes. Pay particular attention to seams and edges.
  • Wipe off any excess and brush the surface.
  • For added shine use a shine polish that matches the colour of your shoes.

To make this last, it is advisable to brush and polish them once a week and to impregnate them at regular intervals.

Shoe Care

Special care

2. Our shoes should not be machine washed, this dries the leather out and causes it to shrink. Should you want to freshen the shoes up there is a simple yet effective trick:

  • Simply remove the insoles and machine wash them at 40 degrees. Do not tumble dry, simply place on a radiator to dry.
  • The surface of the shoe is easily cleaned using a damp cloth and a mild soap if necessary. Never use acetone or other solvents. To get into the crevices around the sole, an old tooth brush will do the trick.
  • For stain removal on suede / nubuck use a suede eraser. Once cleaned, use a suede spray to freshen up. If heavily soiled you can use a suede shampoo.
  • Should your shoes get wet, see point 4.
Special care

Extreme care

3. If your shoes are subjected to harsh, wet environments we recommend that you use shoe / leather grease.

This makes them last longer and stay supple and water resistant. Do this regularly. This is especially important during the winter months when your shoes are subjected to snow and slush.

The better your shoes are maintained, the longer they will last!

Extreme care

In case of wet shoes

4. If your shoes are wet when you take them off, you should wipe them down with a damp cloth.

Let them dry at room temperature. If they dry too quickly there is a risk that the leather dries out and cracks.

When completely dry you should brush, polish and impregnate them again.

In case of wet shoes

Good manners

5. Protect the counter.

Always use a shoe horn when putting your shoes on, and always undo laces and straps before removing them.

This way you protect the counter from getting stepped on and subsequently worn down

Good manners


6. Our soles are made of rubber and PU (Polyurethane)

A material that ages over time. This aging process is something that we as a manufacturer have to take into consideration as we bear an environmental responsibility for our products.

Like with a dried out rubber band or an old car tyre, the degeneration process kicks in when the product is left unused.The rubber becomes stiff and more likely to crack or even crumble. So this is actually a much faster process if the shoes are left unworn, than if the material is allowed to ‘work’. How you store your shoes also affects the degeneration process, for example in direct sunlight or fluctuating temperatures.

PU is very durable, light and shock absorbing, and the products made with PU are long lasting and very comfortable. - We recommend that your store your shoes at room temperature and wear them regularly to prevent them breaking due to non usage.


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