Panther range is designed to satisfy those workers who operate in harsh and dangerous environments and under extreme weather conditions.
Tough and solid, but light and comfortable thanks to unique technologies such as ANATOMIC SOLE, and the latest materials used, a high-performance range that offers total security, comfort and well-being even after many working hours. Panther brand is ideal for special industries such as oil & gas, heavy industry, foundries and heavy construction , some models have ESR DIELECTRIC sole. Some Panther models can also be available on the following certifications: CSA (Canada), ASTM (U.S.A.), Benchmark (Australia, New Zealand)

Our brands

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Quality & Certifications

  • Certificazione ICIM
  • Certificazione IQNET
  • Certificazione CISQ
  • Certificazione CSA Group
  • Certificazione Benchmark
  • Certificazione ASTM
  • Certificazione DGUV
  • Certificazione Reach